Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yellowstone Wolves

The next day was a day of rest and boy did we need it! We lazed around the house until Jenny showed up and then took her up to see the sow and cub grizzly, in the Hayden Valley. They were still there entertaining the crowds.

On Tuesday, we got up early and headed to the Lamar Valley as Jenny and us both wanted to look for bears and the mythical wolves. Yeah the sow and cub were still in the Hayden Valley, but this time closer to the road.

Stopping at the Upper and Lower falls we were disappointed to not see any More grizzles, but as we neared Antelope Creek Renita spotted a black bear along the road. Once again it was blocked by people,(as we returned back that evening we saw it part te crowd and cross the road).

As we passed Tower Falls another bear jamb, but this one was a sow black bear and two cubs. We were able to find a parking spot a little ways past the bears, only to have them feed to a spot right above us. If that wasn't neat enough they then came down the hill until we were way to close! 30 yards at the most! We then were surrounded by other people and actually blocked in, The bear got closer still and the ranger than had us all evacuate the area. What a sight!

As we were watching the bears a bighorn ewe approached the bears nervously watching the sow, before turning and running away. Renita and Jenny started talking with an older man who told them where the wolves were.

Sure enough we drove to the Hayden Valley, found Slough Creek and found a small group of people watching the slough creek pack, at their den site. Napping a bit, as nothing was happening, we suddenly were greeted to the view of the Alpha female, as Jenny learned later, climbing from the den. We saw a total of three wolves as they waited for the pack to return. When the pack didn't return we called it a day and headed back. The total for the day: four black bears, two grizzly, three wolves, and a bonus trumpeter swan. Another great day to be alive! Clear skies.

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