Saturday, June 28, 2008

Anything Goes!

The rv shop in Whitewood, Northern Homes, fixed our warranty work. The people there were friendly and helpful. While it was being fixed we did some exploring and went to Tinton and Iron Creek Lake. Both places were new to us, even though we have visited the Black Hills for thirty years. We picked up the house and spent the night at Spearfish City Park. That night we got hit by the most violent storm we have experienced since we went full time. Thunder crashed round us as strokes us lightening lit up the inside. Molly, our dog, spent the whole time shaking and cuddled next to us for protection. The rain poured throughout the storm’s calliophy! Hail pelted the house, reminding us of the hailstorms we have sat through and watched as thousands of dollars of damage happened to our old stick and brick house and cars,(In one of my better moves I let a friend talk me into raising our deductibles only to have all four cars hit one week later costing me for thousand dollars).
The next morning we awoke to find no damage! Equally great we discovered that the floor was dry and the leaks had been fixed! We lazily packed up and left after saying our goodbyes to two new friends, Don and Linda from New York,(they are volunteers at the fish hatchery, she is a retired junior high teacher and he is a fishing nut, like me). The hook up went without incident and we drove the 50 miles, back to Keyhole State Park.
Now the reason we went back was because our daughter Jenny, was one of the choreographers for the PAWS,(Performing Arts Workshop), in Gillette. This year they were performing , “Anything Goes”. As we always try to make her performances and her choreography, it was a must to do for us. It was such a joy.
The show was performed by kids, divided into three groups: the children’s academy, the junior group, and the senior group. It was so much fun to watch the little ones tap their way through two numbers! They were great and in step! Amazing really, as Jenny told us none of them had ever tapped before.
As the play unfolded, we were treated to the best performance by a high school student, Kat Nowack, that we have ever witnessed. This girl gave a talented performance and sang extremely well, and was as good as the performers we have seen in many professional productions. After the performance we met Jenny and then went out to The Prime Rib, for appetizers and to visit with Gary Abbot,(the director), and meet the other stage people. Such a joy.
We left late and got home at midnight! Of course the day wasn’t over, it was time to walk Molly and the quickly off to bed. Clear skies.

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