Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spearfish and Sand Creek

We have had some sporadic leaks on the floors of two of the sides, so we made an appointment at Northern Hills Rv and drove to Spearfish, South Dakota. If you have never been to Spearfish it is a beautiful town on the western edge of the Black Hills. There we set up our home at Spearfish City Park.

The park itself is a quiet, beautiful place with large cottonwoods and pines and is nestled along a trout filled creek, Spearfish Creek. Bike and hiking trails emanate from the park. A great bakery is only a few blocks away! Sand creek always beckons and is just across the border only ten miles away and Deadwood and its casinos are always open,(We rarely gamble as its boring, but do like the food).

We tried to take a drive up Spearfish Canyon, only to find it was closed due to road construction. Thirty years of field trips up the canyon and now its closed. Anyway, we drove up to Deadwood on 385 and ate at the buffet at a casino. WE didn't gamble, just walked the streets and looked at the tourists. Afterwards we took another road to Sturgis and then back home.

The next day we went to the bakery and what a treat! Renita had a creme filled puff pastry and I had the biggest apple fritter I have ever seen. It took us three days to finish them because of their size!

Yesterday we drove to Sand Creek. The creek winds its way through a small valley, lined by limestone cliffs reminding us of northeast Iowa. The stream is a clear and cold spring fed water. Light green water cress lines its channels and brown trout swim in every pocket, daring you to try and fool them. We picnicked during a brief shower and then fished and walked along the stream side.

Three brown trout refused my offerings time and again. They would turn and almost nuzzle the flies before refusing and swimming back to their ambush site, Dynamite might have worked......

The next pool down was below two small waterfalls that cascaded into a large deep pool. The fish there were more friendly and I caught and released two browns, while Renita watched and took photographs,(I did catch her smirking when I caught a tree on a back cast).

We returned home barely avoiding a large dark thunderstorm, filled with mammaltis clouds,(these clouds look like pendulous breasts hanging from the storm and indicate strong upper winds and dangerous storm conditions). We walked Molly and grilled hot dogs just before the storm finally caught up. Dinner was served with crashing peals of thunder. We prefer clear skies!

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