Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers Day at Keyhole

The trip from Worland to Keyhole was a hard, long, and windy drive. Add to everything else, we even encountered snow across the Bighorns. From Buffalo on, sheets of rain pummeled us as we drove east across the prairie. As trucks passed us their plume of water blinded the windshield as the wipers struggled to keep up. The weather didn't relent as we drove through Gillette and on to Keyhole.

At Keyhole we were greeted by Sue, a longtime friend who is working at the entrance booth to the state park,( Sue and Geno had a spot next to us when we were in the Keyhole boat club). We caught up on the news, bought our state stickers, fifty five dollars for all state parks including camping, and found a huge and beautiful spot in Arch Rock Campground.

We had forgotten how pretty a state park Keyhole is. From our front door we were greeted with the sight of Cottonwood Bay. Surrounded by ponderosa pines the spot was ideal and there was no one else in the campground! All day we watched the white pelicans form their jay shaped formation as they surrounded bait fish and then dunked their heads in unison. An amazing example of teamwork!

For the next few days we enjoyed the solitude by walking and birding. We did go into Gillette on business, Dog and I both visited the vet and doctors for routine checkups and shots. Renita attended the dance recital to watch her friends perform their jazz and tap routines. Renita shopped for our provisions as I golfed with some old retired friends. The golf course was as green as a pictures of a fairway in Ireland. The amount of rain and snow here has been way above the average and has in fact busted the drought. Bob, Nancy, and Gene stopped by and gave us updates on school.

Gillette itself is still booming and is a mess as the main street is torn up and jammed with traffic. Both of us were glad we retired and left for our journey.

The rest of the time was filled with bike rides, canoeing and walks. Renita spotted a huge bull snake in the road. Unfortunately the snake was injured by a driver who probably thought it was a rattler, a common and fatal occurrence for snakes out here. I fished at the Marine point and caught a walleye.

For Fathers day weekend Jenny, our daughter, drove out and camped with us. She is working in Gillette as a choreographer in the Paws Performing Arts workshop. We canoed, grilled salmon and lake trout, and had a wonderful day as Michelle stopped by for a visit, whiling away the afternoon. It actually warmed up and turned into a pleasant day. Matt called and made our day complete as he talked with Renita and wished me a happy fathers day. My best fathers day ever! Clear skies.

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