Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Checking Things Out

We spent the first couple of days getting settled in to Buckboard and then went to Rock Springs for a nice visit with Patty and Matt. Another day was a day of exploration, checking out other campgrounds and getting Utah stamps so we can fish the Utah portion of the Gorge.

We needed a day to get our business taken care of, and of course two days still haven't been enough. The most exciting thing is that we have cell phone service and the internet at Flaming Gorge, Buckboard Marina. Now this place is a dead spot for both but we talked with a campground host who said she uses a little antennae. We bougth one for the computer and one for our new phone service, verizon, and they both work<(the computer is slow so pictures don't always upload). Yeah!

Another day was spent by driving to Manilla, Utah and then to Lucerene Campground. Both places are really nice. So nice that there is a waiting list for 2009 at the KOA in Manilla! THe campground at Lucene does have some trees and is right at the lake. Electricity is available but no full hookups, however it is definetly a place to keep in mind.

As we arrived at Matt and Patty's house marrage has brought a dramatic improvement to his houses appearance. Matt was actually doing yard work! The trees had been cut down, not the big one, and the interior looks so much nicer with the paintings and framed photos that Patty has hung. No more dust covered stove and the food in the frig is fresh! They both look so happy and we are so glad for them. It makes our hearts feel young and gives us peace to see such love.

Today we are going to see the hippies so its off to the Rainbow gathering! Peace brother and clear skies.

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