Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Phoenix, Surprise, and Friends

On Saturday we left Las Cruces, heading towards Phoenix. We drove a little farther than usual, 240 miles to a town of Benson, Arizona. It was a pretty uneventful drive until we got to Tucson at which time we were treated to Saguro Catus. We also saw some Gambrels quail at a rest area, along with people selling their silver jewlery.
We got into Phoenix, fought the traffic which was pretty heavy for a Sunday, and got to Pueblo El Mirage Rv Park. The park iself is over 1000 park models, doublewides, motorhomes, and fifthwheels. The park is a planned community and we are renting a person's vacant spot. Really nice facilities ! We set up, after narrowly missing a palm tree, and relaxed.
The next morning we were able to contact Paul and Mary Lussow, who are living in a planned commnunity nearby in Suprise, Arizona. They invited us over and they took us on a tour. They have a beautiful house, live in a really pretty subdivision, and they have the use of outstanding facilities! They even have pet gambel quail in their back yard! After the tour we visited and were further treated with an mexican dinner! However the best treat of all was seeing two more friends Don and Carla Watwood.
We visited about the old days, traded teacher stories,(boring Renita, but she was a good sport with it), and had a wonderful time! We have been truely blessed. Clear skies.

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