Sunday, March 16, 2008

8 Ball, gleaning, and Rockies Baseball

The rest of the week in Phoenix was full with busy days! On Thursday I played in an 8 ball tournament. Friday was our first day of volunteer work as we gleaned oranges and grapefruit. On Saturday we went back to the Rangers stadium and watched them play the Rockies!

Paul invited me to play in the 8 ball tournament, that takes place every Thursday morning. He is a member of the pool club at his retirement village and so with great trepidation I finally agreed to meet him and play. I say this because I was sure I would get beaten by a visous bunch of pool sharks. Instead the other players were nice, friendly and I even won two of the five games I played!

On Friday Renita and I joined Paul and Mary's volunteer group and gleaned citrus trees for a group called Second Harvest. The charity not only feeds local people but also trades the citrus with other foodbanks across the country. The pickers get a list of houses and trees to pick. Then they go to the house where they collect a ten dollar fee and then pick the tree, emptying the fruit ino the back of Paul's truck, ( The city is full of retired people who planted orange trees, which matured, produce a lot of oranges, which must be harvested. Why, cause if they aren't, roof rats move into the peoples roofs and eat the rotting fruit!).

We gleaned trees at four houses and filled his truck half full. Most of the trees were grapefuit, which were huge. It was wild, dodging big grapefruit! We had as much fun doing this as any experience on our trip.

On the last day in Phoenix, we went back to a baseball game. The Rockies, split squad, were visiting the Texas Rangers. The Rockies lost, but again it was so fun to realize that it was March and that we were watching spring baseball. Retirement is good:) Clear skies.

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