Wednesday, March 26, 2008

London Bridge

Its been five days since our last entry. Five days of fishing, sightseeing, shopping, and just plain enjoying Lake Havasu. Its a nice place and a place where we could spend more time. We decided to extend our visit to a month.

We took the weekend off from fishing and the usual stuff and instead went to the London Bridge Canal and walkway. Its a sidewalk along the canal that starts beneath the bridge and goes for about a half a mile. Along the way are shops, ice shaving stands, and lots of people in boats. Here, the thing to do is to drive your boat to the canal, beach it on the sand, and people watch. Renita and I both agreed that there were many fine healthy looking people demonstrating swimsuits along the way. Renita managed to find some clothes that she liked and I enjoyed just hanging, (Our fishing boat probably wouldn't fit in).

On Easter Sunday we attended church at Our Lady of the Lake. The place was crowded with the average age being 60. Definitely a lot of snowbirds. After church we went home where we learned that there was a swap meet every Sunday so we went to that and saw every tool imaginable. (A bad place for me to go.) Renita and I agreed that we needed to return there next Sunday as we just started looking and the swap meet was over. It closes at 1 pm.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a return to normal. On Tuesday John gave me another lesson on smallmouth bass fishing and today he took me striper trolling. The fishing was good and a bag of fillets sits in the refrigerator, waiting to be cooked for dinner. Clear skies

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