Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lake Havasu's Friends

Leaving Phoenix we got onto the 101 loop and then turned west toward LA. The traffic started out slow but increased until we were in a gaggle of cars and trucks and it seemed like everyone in the world was on the road and heading west. After 140miles we finally got to Quartzite and turned north towards Lake Havasu.

Quartzite itself was actually pretty, at least to us. The desert reminded us of the Red Desert. In fact the entire trip was surprising as mountains and buttes and mesas gave the area a classic western feeling. It was neat to see all the boondockers/drycampers, scattered across the landscape.

We headed north on 95, fighting a lot more traffic along the way but still enjoying the drive as the Colorado River flowed by us. Parker and then finally Lake Havasu City welcomed us, as we found Prospector Rv Park and set up our house.

Now the reason for coming here was twofold. Of course we wanted to check it out but more important was to see our friends, John and Flo. John and Flo retired six years ago and we hadn't had a chance to see them in quite a while,(They winter here and summer at Glendo and Boysen, two lakes in Wyoming).

So we gave them a call and went to see their setup. The afternoon was really nice, more reminising about fishing tournaments, old friends, just good times. It passed too quickly....
The next morning John called and invited me fishing. Renita drove me there and dropped me off at Wheels, where I was treated to striper fishing 101, cut bait trolling. It was so simply and it actually worked. We caught three, released them and I had so much fun on a new lake with an old friend. Clear skies

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