Friday, December 28, 2007

Sight Fishing Redfish at Grand Isle

Christmas Day came and we celebrated it at Connie's with a huge meal. Danny and Janelle and Blaine had arrived so it was a full house. The food was excellent, especially the turkey! We also were joined by Connie and Gary's friend Keith, whose wife was working as she is a nurse.

After dinner Keith invited us to go fishing the next day. Now Keith is a fishing guide, Captain Keith and Pair of Dice Charter, so we readily agreed to meet him the next day. We met him at 7 am and after a 30 minute run, at 55mph, we started fishing for speckled trout. We tried several spots and it was neat watching him deploy a Cajun anchor, which is a slender stainless steel bar which is slammed into the mud and attached to the boat with a line. However we didn't catch any specks. We tried another spot, after another run, and still no specks. IN the mean time Keith and Gary start casting for red fish.

Now the red fish, at receding tide, is butted against the grass waiting for the bait fish to swim

out so the idea is to see them first and cast a little in front. It is amazing. Gary quickly hooked up with a big red which first ate his jig and then ate his bobbe! Hungry! Keith then put on a she dog top water plug, silver and black, cast it in front of the next red fish, which attacked it like a torpedo. It litterly came out of the water and ate the hard plastic lure! It was then Danny's turn. He put on a bull minnow and after a bit caught another, and another, and another. My turn now so I cast a plastic tailed jig ad bobber to a red. The fish hit and ran for the open water. It was all I could do to hold him an I was using 17 b test line on a speros 4000 reel. What a blast!

This continued for quite a while. His trolling motor used up the battery and so reluctantly we left and went back to fishing for specks. Keith took us to his final hot spot an it worked, as we put quite a few into the boat.

The day ended as we ran from a storm and after getting back, going to Keith's house to watch him clean the fish. Now I have to buy an electric knife. Ashe was cleaning the fish he left the skin and scales on four of the big reds and told us to grill them until the scale side was black, basting them with garlic powder, salt, and butter. We took them home and cooked them and it was as excellant as the day. Clear skies.

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