Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Returning to Gulf Shores

We left Topsail on the 3rd and drove back to Gulf Shores, Alabama as we both wanted to check it out. The drive was more of an adventure than I wanted as we missed a turn in Pensecola, again, and ended up driving down a residential street. Luckily there were no overhanging trees or underpasses so we were able to turn and get back on the road without incident.
Drove about 100 miles and got to Gulf Shores State Park. What a place! The campground has over 400 campsites and even has month long parking! It was only about half full and we were able to get a great campsite on a lake, facing the sand dunes on the gulf. The area is still recovering from Hurricane Ivan, so there are many dead trees and some damaged structures.

Anyway we set up camp, facing the lake, and paid for a week. The campsite usual costs 30 bucks a night but the winter rates are in effect and it only costs 134 dollars for a week. Under budget,(Did I say I made a retirement budget?)! Monthly rates are 330 bucks which includes electricity, water, and sewer. Nice. We then rested for the day as towing the fiver makes me tired and we went to the grocery store to restock the pantry. A good day.

The next day we got up and went for a walk and then a long bike ride. We did see an alligator in the lake, There are warning signs everywhere. Amazing. In the afternoon we drove to the golf course and fueled up so we are good to go. Another resting day. Clear skies.

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