Monday, December 31, 2007

Sam Houston Jones State Park

After leaving Grand Isle, we drove 250 miles north and West until we got to Lake Charles and Sam Houston Jones State Park. Now to be on the safe side I had called ahead and reserved a spot in a premium spot. As we arrived, after driving on about the worst road we had been on, interstate 10, we entered into a beautiful park. However when we got to the campground we were met with an old, uneven and crowded site.
The site was so uneven that I bent both jack pins, 110 bucks. I should know better, that when the electric jack motor starts to strain something is binding. Oh well another thing for the learning curve. It did have sewer, the last one on the park.

So the site was actually two sites with a thin rock line between ad site 11 was almost impossible to back into with me in site 10. Worse, it was reserved for the next night. However when the people got there, they swore a bit, and then moved to another site.
The electrical was so bad that we blew the breaker, supposedly 30 amp, but more like ten.
It was only for two nights so we prepared to tough it out in our home:) It turned out that the park is replacing the campground next year.

As to the park itself, it is a pretty park. The locals we talked to said that it had been damaged severely by Hurricane Katrina. It really looked in good shape, compared to where we had been.
We enjoyed walking in the park and resupplied the house with a trip to home depot, to buy bolts for the damaged legs. A nice resting spot none the less. Clear skies.

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