Sunday, October 7, 2007

Waiting in Elkhart.......

Well it's Sunday so another day in Elkhart, Indiana. I now can understand what it's like to live in a hotel as it's our fourth day at the Red Roof Inn and more days to come.......

We left St Paul on Wednesday morning, traveled to Rockford, Illinois, and then on to Elkhart the next day. I left our power supply,computer, in the room. Had them ship it to Matt's and spent two days looking for a replacement until we passed a Radio Shack. Why didn't I think of the before,(the reason for the panic is we do all our banking online).

On the way here we passed through Wisconsin and saw the leaves at their height! It had been a long time since I drove through Wisconsin and I forgot about all the trees and how beautiful it is.
Then we drove through Illinois on the worst roads so far. Took bypasses around Chicago and still the traffic was bad. Yuck

Got to Elkhart, checked in and then we rushed to the Heartland factory and took a tour of the plant where they built our fifth wheel. The tour was neat as we got to see the quality from the inside. They make all their fifth wheels in the same plant so we got to see Bighorn, Landmark, and Big Country on the same line.

The next day we went to Great Lakes Rv to see about our fifth wheel. Jason, our saleman, told us that it was built on the third of October and that he would do all he could to get it from the factory and get us set up, hmmmmmmm. Lots of possible excuses as to why it has not been picked up. It gives me the strong impression that he doesn't know what he is talking about or likes to say whatever to placate the buyer. Anyway he promised to call us when he heard from the factory, and guess what no call. I understand there are factors over which he has no control so I must be patient. Its only the fifth.

Went to a neat farmers market in SouthBend, heard there is a huge one in Shipseewana on Tuesday so we are going to use the time to sightsee and enjoy northern Indiana.

We are of course eating out so our diet is bad and am putting on weight. Really good resturants. The people here are really obese. Started my exercise program this morning. Pushups, crunches, and of course the morning walks, which never stopped. Sore already.

Well tme to go as we have to locate a bank and go to the local Walmart before settling in for football.

Clear skies,


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