Monday, October 29, 2007

Oklahoma Journey

We left Dodge City, kansas, and headed south toward Oklahoma. Expecting more of the same, grasslands, we were both surprised as we found a beautiful state with trees, and signs promoting the local rock roses,(barite roses)!

Drove to Hinton which is just outside of Oklahoma City and spent the night at a KOA. Now I normally don't like KOA's but this was really nice. I mean we parked in a parking lot but they have trees with a little lake.

Walked up to the restaurant for desert and visited a souvenir shop. They had mounted giant western diamondback rattlesnakes, so of course that's what I dreamt about! Haven't dreamed about snakes since I quit drinking:)

All in all pretty scenery and traveled 240 more miles toward Florida. Renita drove over 100 miles as the conditions were nice with no wind! She did a good job! We ended up on Interstate 40, from Clinton as we came down 83, and talk about trucks. Don't want to travel much on this road!

Camping World today, so we should be finished up with outfitting our new home. Maybe we can actually live on the budget now!

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