Saturday, October 27, 2007

Camping at Colby, Kansas

Drove in horrible winds again today, actually worse then day one, as a front moved through. Got a late start, because of Cabelas, and ended up 240 miles down the road so ok for a day,(our goal each day is to drive at least 160 miles to reach Florida on the 5th of November).

We passed near the battle site of Beecher's Island, named for Lt Beecher who was killed there by Roman Nose. Didn't stop as I couldn't find the spot,(the area of the Arikee river is covered with big cottonwood trees from the flood of the 30's. I doubt the trees were there for the battle), and it was too far off the road to search, so no bullets, bones, or buttons for Mike.(I had to laugh as my brother who at age 12 in 1958 collected a piece of Wild Bill Hickock's headstone, which has been replaced and is now protected).

Got on the interstate and drove to Colby, Kansas where we are spending the night. Another private campground but it is right next to a Walmart so we feel at home!

We will drive to Dodge City, if all works out.

On another note it is so nice to be retired from teaching. I am somewhat amazed at how I don't miss it at all. I heard a bunch of my friends are retiring. I am sure they are nervous, but they shouldn't be.

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