Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lake Texhoma, Oklahoma

Another day another 200 miles down the road! The idea of full timing is not to travel every day but to park at a nice spot and enjoy the view,(although traveling is fun, just tiring). So we left Calumet and headed east and south, stopping at the Home Depot and the Camping World to buy needed supplies, barbecue grill, sewer hose support, and odds and ends, and then drove though Oklahoma City.

I didn't want to drive though the city it just happened, so I took it easy and it was fine. We went east and the and south at Shawnee and ended up at Lake Texoma Resort and State Park, oh my! What a pretty place! The internet is slow so I couldn't upload a picture yet, but this is why we are traveling.

We are on Catfish Bay, across from the Marina at spot 541. not the best spot here as it is in the middle but it's the biggest and We fit with lots of room. I actually measured several other spots after we parked and we could have fit there also. Anyway the place is called Ben's Campground and it's full of fisherman and retiree's. What a place. Listened to one guy who was complaining he couldn't catch anything while we saw another cleaning a big mess of fish.

Had a nice walk, although the dog got stickers again so we spent time cleaning her fur. Her and me both need haircuts, maybe today? Grill worked fine and I made pork chops and filet migon so we would have left overs. I also heated up soup and didn't cover it so this morning I will clean the microwave.

Think we will stay another day and run into town for groceries, maybe take the bikes out and go for a ride.

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