Friday, October 26, 2007

The Journey Has Begun

Well we are finally heading to Florida and the journey has begun. We finished moving our last stuff from Gillette and spent a miserable and cold night in the Walmart parking lot. Drove to Rock Springs in scary and icy roads on Sunday and spent three days there finishing our packing and celebrating Matt's birthday before starting for Florida,( I am sooooo glad that packing is over and done and all the planning has worked and now it is time to relax).

Speaking of relaxing, we drove on 80 and had horrible winds along the way at Elk Mountian. Matt had warned us about the possibility and he was right. The truck handled the winds and the pass fine but I sure don't lke driving in those conditions. I was white knucking it for a while.

Ate lunch and took a break at Cheyenne and decided to drive to Sidney Nebraska and Cabelas for the night. While they do have free camping we stayed at their campground, for 24.08 and watched the Rockies get beat again:(.

Think we will head down to Kansas, maybe towards Dodge City, but we will see where the road takes us.

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