Friday, January 29, 2010

A Week at Winter Camp on the Coastal Bend

The past week flew by and I just realized we hadn't posted, so I will try to touch on the weeks activities. Fishing of course is a given,(and the black drum are biting), but we have also been working in the lapidary shop, wire wrapping, metal detecting, and of course eating at the ever present campground buffets.
I've already talked about our wire wrapping and lapidary classes so I thought I would start off with Renitas metal detecting. Now Renita got a metal detector for her birthday, and she hasn't used it much so when her friend Val got one for Christmas it was off to the beach and a day of hunting treasure.
It didn't take them long, before their detectors started to beep. Val was selective and had hers set on coins but Renita was quite happy to dig any metal that set her machine off. Of course she dug up, and brought home an assortment of bottle caps, screws, and other odd shaped debris but she also brought back several pieces that her detector said were silver. She hasn't done any detailed analysis, they do look like chunks of metal, but that's ok as she is happy to add them to her collection.
Val didn't find any coins but she had found .76 cents the other day so they both were happy as they had a great day digging in the sand and dirt.
It was finally our turn to help with the ever present buffets and so we volunteered for the cleanup crew on the Saturday Brunch Buffet. The buffet isn't a weekly thing but was organized by our friend John and his wife Nina. Periodically the rv park puts on a feed from the money donated at the weekly Thursday night buffets, so with the mention of free food over 107 of us showed up.
The menu was all you could eat biscuits and gravy, and there were egg casseroles and fruit so no one left hungry. In fact there was a lot of food left over! Renita cleaned the tables and I washed dishes, so we both felt good to help with the meal.
It was also the week of the Happy Hours first fish fry and for that Wayne and his wife Betty were the hosts/organizers. While the fish from the groups surf fishing was nonexistent I and others had plenty of fish to donate and so the fry was on.
Now the job of the men is to fry and bread the fish, along with moving tables. Meanwhile Loretta glides around and organizes the table setting and food placement and it all went smoothly, as it should.
We sat near the desert table and I of course made a pig of myself. The fish were excellent and it was a real sea food buffet as there were fried oysters, speckled trout, sheepshead, whiting, redfish, and even some black drum. Did I say that it all was a healthy deep fried?
Again no one left hungry, and I vowed to get back on my diet but we will see how that goes. Now that we are retired we both wonder how we ever got anything done while we were working. Thank goodness we don't have to waste time on yardwork. Fulltiming in an rv also lessons the honey do list and so we are free to spend our time on more fun activities. Clear skies.

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