Friday, January 22, 2010

Surf Fishing with the Happy Hour Group

The star fish were everywhere. They were scattered on the beach in piles and as you waded out it seemed like you were walking through a starfish school. Our friend Judy picked some out and laid them on their tailgate. Picking up a live one, it quickly started to move, quick for a starfish but slow to us, its legs bending as if it was searching for the ocean.
We were at the Gulf on our Happy Hour Groups monthly surf fishing outing. The goal is to grill and consume as much as we can take to the beach, and then catch some fish so that we can have a fish fry at a happy hour at the rv park.
The fish weren't cooperating, but the beach driving was great and the surf was low so the fishing became secondary. We were trying to catch redfish, pompano, and whiting but every cast brought a hard head catfish. The hard head are about the worst tasting fish in the ocean, they don't even use them for school lunches, so back they went.
It didn't matter as the food was great and Renita caught some fish. The group fished and talked and beach combed, Even though the sun never came out, it didn't matter. The ever present roar of the surf, even though it wasn't large, worked its usual magic on all of us. We packed up our poles and chairs and called it a day. It was time to head back, for happy hour! Clear skies.

No starfish were harmed during the outing.

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