Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Speckled Trout at Goose Island, Even a Blind Pig.....

Every cast had produced a fish and I was actually growing tired from fighting them in. The plastic tail on my jig was pretty ripped from all the teeth marks, but they still hit! I cast again and it was another keeper and I was in Texas speckled trout heaven! It seemed that all the trout in St Charles Bay had concentrated in front of me in the deep water channel. My cajun brother in law, Gary, likes to say that even a blind pig, finds an acorn now and then, and my. did I find an acorn.
I had hoped to go fishing as I had been busy with classes in wire wrapping and lapidary and just plain busy. Now Jed Clampett is purported to have said that, "A man who is too busy to go fishing is too busy", and I was actually feeling bad so when Renita and I finished our Walmart run I drove out to Goose Island State Park to meet George and Dave who had earlier invited me with them.
I decided to walk out and see how they were doing and I saw George set the hook and then Dave followed, a double! I helped George net his keeper sheepshead and watched him put it on the stringer as Dave hoisted his fish over the railing. The fishing pier was lined with fisherman and everyone was catching trout and sheepshead and black drum!
Hurrying back to the truck I put on my waders and grabbed a pole with a 16th ounce jig. I decided to wade out to the first cut where the water was draining out into Aransas Bay. I didn't want to fight the crowd of fishernan on the pier and figured that the fish would also be stacked in the deep waters channel north of the pier. I figured wrong as I waded out to it and slowly worked my way casting and casting and not a single hit.
Returning to the pier I decided to wade under it and fish downstream from all the others. I didn't want to bother them and I hoped that I would find the fish were all along the deep channel that flowed from the pier.
A flounder scooted out in the shallows as I waded from the oyster bar, and I made my first cast. It stopped with a telltale tick and I set the hook and caught a nice keeper trout,(in Texas they have to be fifteen inches). Another cast and this time the trout was huge. I fought it for a while before the jig popped out and it swam away, Upset at myself for not bringing a landing net I cast again and another fish inhaled my jig.
It was a good as it gets as I caught fish after fish and all but two were keepers. The pier fisherman were also catching fish but they were sharing their spot while I was all by myself. I wish I could have sold waders as I am sure it would have been a great day, but I was too busy catching fish! Clear skies.

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