Friday, February 5, 2010

The"The Long Long Trailer", Fulltiming with a Rock Collection

When ever we tell people that we have started to collect rocks, the first thing other Escapees,(Escapees is a club of fulltime rvers), ask us is if we have seen the Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez movie, "The Long, Long Trailer". The answer is yes we have, as fellow escapees Bob and Sue loaned us their dvd copy and we watched it last night.
Its funny that things haven't changed much in sixty years. Rving across the country still poses the same pitfalls and challenges as it did back then,(Although the passes across the mountains are a lot better). While it may not be so funny to others, its well worth watching.
So the next question usually isn't asked but we can tell what people are thinking, "why would you collect rocks?". Knowing what they are thinking we explain how we take rocks and saw, grind, and polish them into cabochons, and then wire wrap them.
We then explain how we found and joined the Gulf Coast Gem and Mineral Society and how we use the clubs equipment to shape the rocks. We also are taking classes on wire wrapping, a hobby, or obsession, that we both enjoy.
Its funny how now we are aspiring artists, or at least trying to become ones. Its something that I for one never thought I would ever be able to do,(Kind of like writing a coherent blog).
So as you think about rocks rolling around our fifth wheel as we travel, realize that we don't have round ones, or at least not as many as Lucille did in the movie! Clear skies.

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