Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Traffic Jams and Traveling to the Upper Peninsula

We left Connecticut and headed west. The trip was going to be a fast one as we needed to cover some miles(We have reservations in June in Wyoming and want to spend a couple of weeks with our daughter in St Paul). Now normally we only travel about 200 miles a day but we wanted to go to St Paul by route of the Upper Peninsula so we took off from Connecticut and drove three days straight to the UP, (Might not seem like a lot to some but we are pulling a 37 foot house).
The drive itself, or should I say the scenery was spectacular. Following Rudys,(Lahlias husand and my brother Mikes brother in law), advice we quickly crossed Connecticut and New York and entered Pennsylvania. Now we couldn't see much because of the trees but crossing the Appalachians, in Pennsylvania, was about as beautiful as any vista we have seen. Between the mountains and the well kept farms, Pennsylvania is definitely a picture postcard State.
Ohio flew by, but we did enjoy a night at a campground in Homerville, (named for Homer Simpson?), and heading north we went through Toledo. Renitas folks were from Toledo and so the churches and the city's buildings were of special interest to her. Interstate 75 was closed in Detroit so we turned to 475 and then headed north until we rejoined 75 to Mackinac City.
It was a long and tiring drive but it went pretty easy. We did have a few traffic jams that I wanted to mention, just because traffic jams are so unusual to us.
The first jam was in Connecticut and actually took place as we drove back to our campground, the night before we left. We sat motionless for an hour before slowly passing a horrible crash on Connecticut 2. The second jam was actually delightful as we drove through Amish country in Pennsylvania. Yep, a horse buggy jam on hilly roads. Finally the last jam wasn't really much as construction on the Mackinaw Straits Bridge narrowed the roadway to two lanes. While it slowed us down to 20 mph it allowed me to do some sightseeing as we crossed the long span.
Safely arriving at Straits State Park we set up for a couple days of rest and sightseeing. Retirement is a tough stage in ones life. Clear skies.

ps Actually I am no longer retired as I sold a blog entry and some photos to and am now a professional writer!

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