Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Northeast Forest, Confused in Connecticut

"I think I remember that cemetery", I said. A little while later we passed a sign for a hill that Renita thought she remembered. We were driving back and forth, on narrow Connecticut roads, trying to find our house and campground. It wasn't that we were lost, but as Davey Crockett once said, "Confused".
The drive across New York was pretty easy, but pricey. We took the New York Thruway and spent over 60 bucks in tolls. Along the way we stopped and had dinner with an old teacher buddy, Robert Woolrey. He and his wife Mia and their kids have a beautiful house in Syracuse, New York,(We both had to laugh as they have their hands full with their two little ones!).
We can't really say what the area looks like, as its covered in trees. The map said we passed through Albany, but we couldn't see it, too many trees! We crossed the Hudson River and continued into Massachusetts, Hmmm, more trees as other unseen large cities passed by.
Turning south on US 84 a welcome to Connecticut sign greeted us. Trees were already trying to grow and hide it from view. Carefully following the directions to the campground we drove down narrow curvy, hilly roads, before pulling into a heavily forested campground,(I was starting to get the urge to buy a double bladed ax).
That afternoon the sky turned cloudy and what little light we had on the forest floor, was further blocked. The nights light came on!
The next day, we woke to clear skies and decided to head to Rhode Island. We hoped to see a little of the state and visit an REI, where I hoped to purchase a bike. Getting directions from the campground manager we forgot to turn on the gps, (Who could get lost, we have driven over 34000 miles since we begin our journey).
The drive was heavily forested. We entered Rhode Island and easily found the REI Store. Excited we parked and entered and went to the bike section. Waiting for a salesman to finish with another customer, we waited and waited and waited, until the other customer left and the salesman disappeared into the back room, never to return. Anyway I lifted the bikes off the rack and rode them around the store's bike section. Playing with all the adjustments, I loosened and tightened things, still no salesman. Finally leaving the store without a bike, we went and ate at a fast food place, before returning home.
Now I wanted to see a different route so Renita drove and I played navigator. It was not a good sign as I missed a couple of turns, even though Renits calmly said, "Didn't we take that road?"
"Don't worry", I replied as I directed her down one tree lined road after another. "The campground is just ahead on this road". We continued to drive and no campground. "I think I remember that cemetery", I said, as I reached over and picked up the gps, turning it on and hoping she wouldn't notice.
Now its really funny cause we had the approximate location on our gps, I just hadn't made a waypoint, so we were circling and circling it, but not finding it. Tree lined road after tree lined road all looked the same and we retraced our path, at least three times, before making the right turn into the road to the campground.
Molly, our dog greeted us with warm kisses and wagged her tail. We think she frets about us getting lost when we leave her at home to guard the house. Clear skies.


Jim & Nanc said...

That's the way it is when someone from Wyoming gets to a place with trees. Safe Travels

Anonymous said...

All I can say is: You get used to the darn things blocking your view. As a matter of fact, you don't even notice there's a sky, clouds, birds, etc. above you anymore after more than 25 years living here. It stinks. But then, of course, I'm not a native!