Monday, May 25, 2009

Nautilus and the US Sub Museum

As we pulled into the parking lot, of the US Sub Museum, Renita noticed a submarine being helped up river by a barge. What a fitting sight as we were going to the US Sub Museum in Groton, Connecticut.
We passed four small subs, including a Japanese two man sub, like the ones used in the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Nautilus stood firmly moored at its dock. Two large rings represented the diameters of the first subs and a modern active trident.
Upon entering we signed the guest registry and then headed to the Nautilus, where we were handed a hand held radio that played a guided tour as you passed through different areas of the ship.
Upon descending we both were immediately struck with the amount of room inside. It was huge compared to the cramped spaces inside the World War Two fleet sub we had been in in Alabama.
I bumped my head as we passed through bulkheads and Renita tried not to laugh, but I had to a little, what a klutz. Steel doesn't give much! I was hoping to see the reactor room but that area was closed and it was ok as just to be inside of a ship that traveled to the North Pole was enough.
Later we read the accounts of the voyage and of the perils under the ice. Other kiosks told tales of sub lost and of the sailors rescued. What special hero's, the silent servicemen. (as are all who serve). Clear skies.

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Jim & Nanc said...

Enjoying the blog. What a great eastern experience. Congrats to your niece, what a bright future she has.