Monday, May 18, 2009

Pre Graduation Festivities

Each company of white and blue dressed first class cadets marched past us proudly holding their sword's. The companies then marched into the parade field and stood stiffly at attention as the review took place. Each reported "All present and accounted for!", before being saluted by the Commandant.
We were at the Coast Guard Academy, watching our niece march past in Alpha Company. It was just one of the pre-graduation activities that we were here for. We had already gone on the Evening Ferry Cruise, the Senior Picnic, and now were watching
the parade of the Cadets.
Arriving in East Lyme we set up at Aces High Rv Park, one of the nicest places,(and most expensive), we have been. The first day we went to a barbecue at my brothers house, and surprisingly he can cook, as the barbecue was great! We met Roger and Fran, who had traveled from South Dakota for the graduation,(Mike's best friend and his wife).
The next evening we rode with Mike and Mona to the Groton Ferry. Here the graduating class was being treated to a cruise dinner. The cruise was to go into Long Island Sound and then up the Thames River, passing both the Coast Guard Academy and the Electric Sub Works. Fog prevented us from seeing most of the sights but the time with family and friends made it a night to remember.
The next day a picnic was planned. Hard rain of course! The picnic was moved indoors, into the pys ed building, and the food found the place so we were able to pig out again,(Hm...., if I don't watch it I am going to be ready for market, an old Iowa saying) We met a bunch of Louise's friends and class mates. I asked her what was her best memory of the academy, and she wisely answered, "Graduating". It was a foolish question to ask a senior.
Louise and her sister Yasmeen, posed for their picture, two brilliant and beautiful women, with futures so bright,(Yasmeen graduated from George Washington University in Washington DC and works there). Mike and Mona were all smiles as I complimented them on their outstanding job as parents.
It is a blessing to be here! Clear skies.

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