Monday, April 14, 2008

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon

We left Lake Havasu and drove to Williams, Arizona, setting up at Canyon Gateway Rv Park. The drive was uneventful but we did have to fight a strong side wind. After setting up we rested and decided to go to the Grand Canyon.

It was our third time seeing the Grand Canyon. In 1983 we were also at the south rim. The kids were with us and we drove quickly along the rim, only stopping for a few quick pictures. In 1996, we returned, this time with Jenny and visiting the north rim. We spent a day there and rode the donkeys along the short trail.

This time we were able to spend the full day. We drove 60 miles north, taking a leisurely time and upsetting a lot of other drivers. Don't they know that it's all about the journey? We first went to the Visitor Center where we listened to a ranger describe plate tectonics and then talking to another about the California condors.

Leaving the visitor center we decided to spend the day on the rim trail, first hiking bout 2.8 miles round trip, to Maricopa Point and then taking the free shuttle to Hopi Point.

The hike was a little strenuous as the first part had some uphill and we were not used to 7000 feet elevation. It was an easy trail and gave a great view of the Bright Angel trail below. The trail below beckoned me, but not this time.....
The pictures we took, 50, are beautiful but don't give the Canyon the justice it deserves. AS we hiked we watched for Condors but didn't see them, next time?

The shuttle bus ride took us farther than we could have walked, to Hopi Point. From there we watched the river below and Renita spotted rafters, running through a rapids. The river beckons...... We finished the day tired but happy as we reached our house and smelled the homemade soup. A fine day. Clear skies.

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