Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The drive to Sedona is as pretty as the town itself. We were both taken by the beauty of Oak Creek Canyon, with its stunning rock formations. WE also both liked Sedona and its beautiful setting.

As we drove north of Flagstaff, the ponderosa pines reminded us of the Black Hills. Needing to find a restroom we saw the turn off to Oak Creek Canyon. What a viewpoint! The sheer cliffs and the stunning view were as pretty as any place we had been. There were also Native American stands set up, surprising tasteful, and we both enjoyed the craftsmanship displayed.

Leaving there were a series of sharp hairpins, too sharp for us to tow the fifth wheel,(I put the truck in manual and drove down without using my brakes, staying at the speed limit. There were three vehicles following me that were not happy, but if you live in a tourist area deal with it). The road was narrow and crumbling like the road around Crater Lake National Park. We took several turnoffs and marveled at the rock formations. The rocks are also at the Grand Canyon but here you can get up close and personal. The drive is, in parts, a lot like Kaycee Wyoming and the Hole in the Wall.

Reaching Sedona we found a public parking lot that was half full and roomy enough for the truck. We ate at a Mexican food place that was actually reasonable and good, (I have developed a taste for hot food, Renita is still working on hers).
After eating we shopped. A lot of beautiful and extremely high priced items. Once again most of the stuff was imported. The rock carving were from Pakistan, the ammonites from Morocco, and the quartz from Brazil. How disappointing, but still beautiful.

We left without buying anything, and Renita drove home so I could see the scenery.
A fun day! Clear skies.

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