Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Bridge Canal

We finished putting in the battery bank and the switch. No fires, sparks, or burned wires so it appears all is well! We went from a single battery with 70 amps to two battery banks with 290 amps. Now it is simply a matter of waiting for the weather to warm, north of here, and we are ready for the migraton.

In the meantime, there is still a lot to do here so we went for an extended walk along the Brdge Canal, the waterway under London Bridge. It was really pleasant!
We disvcovered a nice park, Rotary Park and saw lots of possible fishing spots.

The walk is a little over a mile and even though it was early was quite busy. As we walked along we spotted a lot of largemouth and smallmouth bass. It is the height of spawning season, 65 degree water, and the bass are on their beds. There were also the usual boats parked along the shore with people drinking and sunning, hmmmmm... human spawning activities?

As we walked we saw a guy exercising by balancing himself on a cement wall and jumping back and forth as he walked the wall. Renita double dared me and it looked like so much fun that I had to try it. It turned out to be not so easy as I fell on a jump and scrapped my leg but I was able to continue. It also turned out to be hard work.

We continued the walk, did some shopping and people watching before calling it a morning and heading back home. We did make an additional stop at Mesquite Bay. The dock was full of fisherman, trying to catch the big bass on their beds. Pretty huge bass! All in all a nice day. Clear skies.

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