Wednesday, April 9, 2008

London Bridge

We have spent the last few days on necessary maintenance projects. About the only thing we have done for excitement is to walk across London Bridge.

The Bridge itself cost over a million dollars to move to Lake Havasu. The impetus for this, and money, was from the Murdock of chainsaw fame. He reasoned that if the Bridge was brought to Lake Havasu, it would become a tourist destination. Definitely a well thought out idea. The canal, called the bridge canal, was also dredged during the reconstruction. After walking across the bridge, we looked closely at the underside and one can see the numbers on the blocks that were for the reconstruction. You can also see a little history of the bridge as there are bullet pockmarks from a strafing by a German pilot in World War II.

Another day was spent sterilizing the fresh water tank, a full day's project. We didn't know if we really needed to do this but it was time as we are getting ready to rely on the internal tanks. It involves emptying the tank, and then refilling it with a solution of one and one quarter cup of bleach with 75 gallons of water. After this you fill all lines and let it set for three hours. The house had the definite odor of bleach so we had all the fans going. Finally we drained and then flushed the system. Not the most exciting day of our travels.

The rest of the time has been spent researching the next leg of out travels. Our niece Krista shared pictures from her field trip to Bandolier National Monument. A place we want to visit, but not on this trip. We are getting hitch itch and hope to head out on Friday. Clear skies,

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