Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Flowers at The Rockport Cemetery

When I think of cemeteries, I think of well cared lawns and tombstones. We visited one in Boston that was really old and filled with winged angels. I usually try to avoid them but Renita had been asking if we could go to the Rockport, Texas, cemetery and see the spring flowers. What a surprise it was!
Everyone had been telling us about the profusion of yellow flowers but when we neared the cemetery we were both amazed at the solid yellow carpet! See the cemetery is quite simply filled with wild flowers, or at least seeded ones and they are everywhere!
The tombstones rise here and there and I can think of no better tribute to ones loved ones then the sea of flowers. There were quite a few other visitors there and cameras were out as all were taking pictures of the wild arrangement. Hidden among the yellow daises were patches of blue and purple and red and orange, Texas bluebonnets peeked through in places but the daisies were the winners.
For once I am at a loss for words so enjoy Renita's pictures. Clear skies.

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Art In The Sun said...

Beautiful. I am even more thankful to be on this side of the grass.