Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fishing the Fina Docks, Naked Mans Cove, and The Red Roof Bar

George and I were already loaded up to go to Tin Can, when we saw Lannie and Judy. Stopping to chat we instantly changed our plans when Lannie invited us to go out on his boat, and so we unloaded poles and gear and we were soon launching the boat at Conn Brown Harbour.
Now the fish had been on, the day before and Lannie had caught and released red after red, so our first stop was South Bay, We set the Cajun anchor and power pole and cast out dead shrimp. There wasn't any wind blowing or current from a moving tide and so it didn't surprise us when we didn't have a bite,
It didn't help matters at all when a stupid person roared in and ran right over our lines. Luckily George wasn't armed and so no one was shot. I tried to calm things down by mentioning that there were two things you can't control, the wind and stupid people.
The sp then got stuck in the shallow water and proceeded to rev his engine tearing up the seagrass. Now the sea grass is protected and the stupid person was lucky that no law enforcement people were there to arrest him.
We pulled up our poles and anchors and headed to another spot,the Fina Docks. This is a place where the sheepshead move in during March and is almost wall to wall boats. While there were a few boats there, it was soon obvious that the fish hadn't arrived. George did have a monster black drum on, and he fought it for quite a while before it pulled him into the sunken structure. Breaking off we all agreed that he couldn't have done much else and the chances of landing the fish were near zilch.
Our next run was to a place called the Naked Mans Cove. Here a Vietnam Vet man lives in a tent and the place gets its name when he is sunbathing in a tan colored speedo. I didn't take any pictures there and we didn't get any fish. A barge passed us and Lannie asked if we were in a hurry to get home.
He said that the barge can sometimes move so much water that the water will surge and withdraw, causing movement and turning the fish on. Heading further on the Intercoastal we passed the barge and set up on an oyster bar called the Red Roof Bar.
We waited and hoped, all fisherman are optimists, but the barge didn't displace much water and no man made surge happened. It was still good as I had learned a new trick.
We loaded the boat without catching any redfish, and thats ok, as we would have just released them anyway. Some days are great fishing and some days actually have some catching, Today was simply a day of great fishing with friends! Clear skies.

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