Sunday, March 1, 2009

Leaving Winter Camp at Rockport

With both a mixture of sadness and excitement we leave from our winter spot at Rockport, Texas. Sadness, as we leave the many new friends we made here, until we meet again, and excitement as the road beckons and the, "Hitch itch",(A condition where the rver wants to get the fifth wheel hitched up and hit the road), sets in.
Our stay here has been the longest stop for the past two years and the people here have made us welcome. George and Val. Wayne and Betty, Dave and Jane, Charles and Jane, Pete and Werna, Loretta and Mike, Jim and Linda, Lannie and Judy. The list could go on and on. To all of you thanks for the memories. We look forward to seeing you again, next winter, or as a chance encounter on our travels.
Perhaps it can be all summed up in the pictures above, at one of the Happy Hour fish fries, put on by Wayne and Betty.
But the road beckons and pulls us toward it. Our first leg is about a mile as we plan to Wallydock as we wait overnight for an appointment for routine maintenance on our fifth wheel. Then a week at Mustang Island, and Choke Canyon, and an Escapees Rally at San Antonio, and then of course Grand Isle.
From there our route is north by northeast. Mike and Loretta mentioned the Natchez Trace and so we will go that way. Perhaps Niagara Falls, most definitely Connecticut as we hope to see Mike, Mona, Yasmeen, and Louise. It's been to long. From there the Upper Peninsula calls us. Minnesota and Jenny, North Dakota all call to our soul, before we return to Wyoming. Safe travel to all and many thanks to our new and old friends. Clear skies

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Rose said...

Happy Trails to you two. So sorry we didn't get together again before we all left the area. See you next winter.

We depart tomorrow for the west coast, taking about 2 months to get there. I agree, the hitch itch is calling us.