Friday, March 27, 2009

Blues and Pinks and Reds and Yellows

As we headed from Boerne, Texas we first drove on Texas 46. It took us past Guadalupe State Park, and wound through the Hill Country ending at Seguin. Getting on Interstate 10, something I had been dreading, an unexpected pleasure was waiting, spring flowers!
We noticed the large patches of blue that lined the ditches for mile after mile. It was the height of the spring flowers and we were hitting it perfectly! Interspersed , with the bluebonnets, were pink flowers of evening primrose, red Indian paintbrush, and yellow daiseys . The traffic wasn’t as bad as we expected and so I could actually enjoy the calliope of colors, although not as much as Renita who exclaimed her delight!
The distance from Boerne to Alleyton, Texas, and Happy Oaks Rv Park passed pretty easy, which was good as it was the longest we had drove in awhile, (It was only 179 miles but pulling the house is tiring as you have to really concentrate). Checking in, the manager seemed happy to have someone to talk to and he explained the advantages of being a welder. Sometime later we finally broke free and managed to setup.
Needing to head to town for fuel and dinner, we grabbed the camera and didn’t even make it out the driveway, before we saw a huge expanse of flowers, and so we took picture after picture. It was our first spring in Texas and it was all so new.
The next morning we got up early as we had to drive through Houston, on Interstate Ten, and it really wasn’t so bad, just a long 300 miles. It was Sunday morning and the traffic was enough to keep me awake. We only had a few cars try to cut me off when we needed to change lanes, but it wasn’t a problem as I signaled in advance and was able to force them to give up their intended lane, (drivers of little cars just don’t realize how dangerous it is to zip around our blind spots). They backed off and it went well, we didn’t even get the one fingered hello!
Traffic picked up as we neared the Texas Louisiana border and road construction pylons dotted the sides of the lanes. Soon cement barriers narrowed the roadway and it was the good old crummy Interstate Ten that I had been dreading. Don’t they ever get it done, (It didn’t seem like they had made any progress in over a year)?
Crossing the border we stopped at the Louisiana Rest Area and Information building. The building was landscaped with bushes, filled with beautiful azaleas! The attendant at the information booth told us a different way to go to Abbeville, (Our nights stop at Betty’s Rv Park), and so we drove to La 13 and turned south for La 14. A mistake as the road was so rough that we actually had some damage inside our house.
Betty’s Rv park was just as advertized, a small spot in a yard, but filled with friendly people. Betty herself was recovering from the flu but remembered our friends Jim and Nancy, as did several of the other campers. We had a nice talk before retiring for the night.
The next morning we hitched up and took La 14 to Interstate 90. From the Raceland exit we turned south on La 1 and thoughts of family warmed our souls, (Grand Isle is one of our favorite places and I could live there, becoming a Cajun Coon Ass, but the shopping is a little sparse for Renita). The drive was uneventful except for a short stretch broken by some construction near Leeville. As soon as we drove across the bridge onto Grand Isle, sand was everywhere. The surge from Hurricane Ike had broached the levee and they had to use bulldozers to clear the road. The beach was under the houses and it made everything look quite different. Connie and Gary met us and led us to their friends souvenir shop, where we able to setup our house next to the gulf beach. Renita pointed out more flowers alongside our fifth wheel. Blues and pinks and reds and yellows, graced our day. Clear skies.

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