Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sea Glass

Oh my are we in trouble. We have been picking up seashells for the past two years and then last summer we started collecting petrified wood and jade. Where do we put it all? Now, as if the problem wasn't enough, my sister Connie has introduced us to collecting sea glass!
The weather here on Grand Isle has been pretty bad, with high winds and choppy seas so we haven't been able to get out as much as we would have liked, but still we have quite a few shells. However yesterday the wind shifted and so Gary and Connie took us to a protected place to search for sea glass.
Now I wasn't really thrilled about the idea, but Renita has been making jewelry, and it was a new adventure, sooooo, we went to the marina, got into their boat and took the short ride to an island where they have found beach glass.
Connie explained that the sea glass wasn't the stuff that you watch out for so you don't cut yourself, but old broken glass that has been weathered smooth. She also explained that the rare stuff was purple and red and blue.
Almost immediately we started finding lots of glass! At first we picked up every piece but soon started to ignore the fresh glass and only pick up the old stuff. I was surprised at the amount of light green glass from coke bottles, so I started to pick up that. Walking ahead of the girls Gary and I waded a bit along the shoreline, carefully stepping among masses of sharp oyster shells. Looking down I noticed a piece of old blue glass, and in that instant I was hooked.
I showed the piece to Gary and he shared his discovery with me, a piece of purple glass. perhaps the neck of an old pepper sauce bottle,(Connie showed us a complete bottle, circa 1898, that they had found on another day). We started back and met the girls, Renita showed me her large bag filled with sea glass, Oh my!
Where will we put it all? Maybe I can rearrange stuff again....... Clear skies.

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Chasingthe70s said...

Shells, glass, has to be something to collect. Marco Island in SW FL is the place for shells in the US.
Glad your having fun doing it.