Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dance Jen Brackin, Dance!

We left Rapid City and drove across South Dakota, boondocking at the Mitchel Cabelas. High winds, of over 40 mph, caused our mileage to plummet and nearly forced us to stop, but we were able to slowly make our way across the prairie. The second day the winds abated, as we traveled east, and we drove to Shakopee, Minnesota, where we stayed at the Dakotah Meadows Rv Park, (The park is really an extension of the Mystic Casino).
Calling Jenny, we discovered that she had two performances, one was at the Varsity Theater, in Dinkeytown, and the other was at Valley Scare! Yeah, Jenny dancing!
The first performance was at the launch of a new performing company, Fair Trade. Jen's Friend Colleen, an outstanding singer, was celebrating the start of her new performance company and Jen choreographed and danced a solo during the festivities.
The show was at the Varsity Theater in Dinkeytown, and included Rap Artists, A Shakesperian soliloquy, solo singers, and of course Jen's solo.
The next night we were treated to a performance of a much different type as we went to Valley Scare, at Valley Fair, and got to see Illumination. Illumination is a fire dance company which is working with a magican during the pre-Halloween festivities. Jen not only danced but also coregraophed the dancers and the magician;
It was our first time to see her spin fire, and it was amazing to see how the dancers worked with the flames in a safe and controlled environment. Well done!
Afterwards we went behind the stage to talk with Jen and meet her friends and fellow company dancers.
We were able to see a second performance, after I rode the Power Tower, a ride which features a vertical drop of 200 feet. The ride takes you slowly up and then drops you like a stone before yoyoing to a final stop,( The reason I had to ride it is because it's as close to free fall as you can get, without riding in outer space)!
The ride to the pre-drop position was acrophobic, to say the least. How I wished for my seat harness and climbing rope! The drop itself was pure pleasure! Much more fun than a leader fall. (of which I had done several while rock climbing at Devils Tower).
All in all two nights of enjoyment! Clear skies.

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youvreachederin said...

Yea, for Jenny!!! Hello to you and yours. I love following you two across the country. Keep up the great reporting. Stay warm, travel safely.
With regards,
Erin Kranz