Monday, September 3, 2007

Welcome Family and Friends!

September 3, 2006

Well the journey has begin and we are several weeks into our travels so it's long past time to start the blog.

As a synopsis of what has already happened we finally closed on the sale of our house August 23rd, took off to Rapid City and spent the night in a hotel. Got up early,8 am, made some phone calls and ordered our fifth wheel,(a Bighorn 3400rl).

Now it would be nice if one was ready that had what we wanted but our special order will take 6 weeks soooo we are homeless, i.e. couch surfing. First couch at St Paul's at our daughters studio.

Saw the Pompeii exhibit, went to Stillwater, been bike riding, walking and resting. Kind of playing the touristy thing, including eating out a lot, and now I am sick from all the crummy food. It will be so nice to get our fiver and be able to cook a normal diet.

Had a special moment in St Paul's as I was resting in Jenn's building and was able to listen to jazz being played by the neighbor,(He's a sax player and Jenn's building is an Artist Coop). I felt like I was in New Orleans. It felt so good to not have to worry about work.

Well I need to go for now so until the next post.

Clear skies,


Leaving Thursday for Waterloo and then Friday for Pam and Roys. Should be fun and then back to Wyoming looking for more couch's:)

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