Friday, September 28, 2007

Back in St Paul

We are starting to feel like yo yos as we are back in St Paul and still waiting for our new home to be finished. The new pick up date is next Saturday soooooooo we are going to take a break and go up to Duluth to see the leaves.

This is our second night here and I feel so disruptive to Jenny and Vito. We did get to see Jenny and the fire dance troop rehearse for Valley Fair. I knew but had forgotten how good a dancer Mel is.

Other stuff...... we ate at a Tibetan/Indian resturant the first night here, took a nice walk along the river, got to see a black squirrel in the park with the neat gazebo. Even read the TS Elliot poetry with the gazebo. Oh and we road a bus, 94b, across town.

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