Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 8th 2007
Well I am way past due for a blog entry and here we are in Keosauka and the verizon card is slow and says we are roaming so I am afraid to use it. Anyway what a time we are having. Celebrated jenny's birthday on the fourth by going to Galactic pizza, vegetarian was good but I was starved, followed by Sushi Tango in Minneapolis. Not sure I liked the sushi with eel but the rest was ok. I've been around raw fish way too much and this was a little fishy tasting. But the important thing was I had another moment of peace. Sitting there seeing everyone happy, surrounded by beautiful women, of course my wife is included:), life is good and retirement is great.
Went to Waterloo Thursday afternoon and checked into the Comfort inn. Made me happy that we are getting a fifth wheel and won't have to motel it much longer. Saw Aunt Myrtle and Beckey and had an enjoyable time catching up on all the gossip. Listening to the gambling plans and cleaning the church and all on how busy she is made me feel good to see such a busy 78 year old! Played golf with Mick Friday morning at Gates park, along with Bob(Dolenes Husband), and Ralph a golfing buddy of Mick's. What a nice course and oh did the trees exact their toll, but I shot a 93, or there abouts, so it was good. After golf Mick took Renita and I to a lunch buffet at Mama Nick's circle Pizzaria. Had walleye on the menu and meet the owner George who elk hunts with Mick in Colorado.
Ate way too much and then drove to Renita's sisters house in Southern Iowa.
Had another special moment of peace as I was walking the dog in Keosaukia, where Renita's sister Pam lives. Early Saturday morning and no one out and the whole town was quiet. I forgot what it was like to be in a small town in Iowa. It was so quiet. The trees are so neat, the walnuts falling to the ground, the dog wanting to chase each one.............
Then later we went to Lacey Keosaukua State park to look at potential campsites and found some but the place to camp is Lake Suregma! Full Hookups at 16 bucks a night and partials for 14 dollars. Definetly the place to go.
Then Pam took us to an Amish grocery store in Catrail, Iowa. Black raspberry pies, home made choclate candy for 2.99 a pound, rootbeer twizlers. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. We loaded up with sugar purchases. Tonight is steak dinner.......thank goodness we packed the scale and left it in Gillette.

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