Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Flowers of Goliad

The woodpecker hopped up the branch and I strained to identify it. Not being able to see good enough I went inside and got the binoculars but when I returned outside the bird had disappeared. Going back inside I told Renita and then looked out the back window hoping to see the bird.
We were ending our stay at Goliad State Park and it had been a delightful time in one of my favorite towns in Texas. One day had been spent riding the bike trail that runs form the Fallon Memorial to the town of Golaid. Another day we went to the historical tour of the Goliad Mission. A third day was a doctors trip to Portland to get our blood work results, as we had both been placed on statins and needed to check that our bodies were responding properly.
It was surprising to actually have a bike trail to ride in Texas! Normally one takes their life in their hands if you attempt to walk or ride your bike,(Renita and I both have had close calls in other Texas towns), The one in the state park crosses the river and goes to the Memorial and then returns and one can ride all the way to town.
The ride was easy and delightful as we traveled through woods and fields of flowers. It even included a section that was constructed of boardwalk with switchbacks as it ran parallel to the river along a bluff. The flowers were still at their peak and we photographed so many that we haven't yet identified.
Another day and we listened as the park interpreter talked of the history of the area. One part of the tour included a live weaving demonstration by a volunteer couple and it was top notch! The colors were all from natural plant and beetle dyes and I learned that my red yogurt was actually dyed from an extract from beetle exoskeletons that live on prickly pear cactus!
Oh and the woodpecker? It returned and we got a great view of our first golden fronted woodpecker. Two green jays joined it, along with the ever present cardinal and a couple of mockingbirds. All were in our backyard by our picnic table!
We have enjoyed it here and plan on returning so we can canoe the river, maybe next winter? Clear skies.

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