Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Day on Grand Isle, 2010

Gary called me over to look at the nest he had found. It was a small concave depression among the oyster shells and of course the eggs matched the color and pattern of the shells. Their off white color and black uneven spots were a perfect camouflage. It would have worked if we hadn't been slowly scanning the beach for sea glass. I took a picture and then we noticed two American oyster catchers flying nearby so it was time to leave.
We had arrived on Grand Isle the day before and boon docked in Connie and Gray's, front yard as we were waiting for our spot in the park to open up. Connie had fed us her signature blue crab quiche and home made sticky buns and so the food onslaught fron the Boerne rally continued.
Connie showed us her sea glass collection and before too long we were on Gary's boat and heading to a beach that had yielded some good glass during a past trip. Renita found an old bottle and Gary and I were collecing some well rounded sea glass, when he discovered the nest.
Reembarking, we headed east for Gran Terre and Renita was soon taking pictures of all the dolphins. Continuing, we stopped and fished a cut in the rocks but no speckled trout or redfish reacted to our jigs. It was ok as it was so nice to be with family enjoying the sunny day.
The talk turned to family and friends and of course we talked of our new found passion for rockhounding. Connie had some pieces of sea glass she wanted me to wrap and we discussed that as Renita pointed out a willet.
Gary directed our attention to a tricolored heron, also called a Louisiana heron and he proudly stated that not too many states had a heron named for them. Of course we saw brown pelicans and dunlins and forester terns wheeling in the air.
As we crossed back over Bataria Pass a flock of brown pelicans dove into the water, feeding on a school of fish forced to the surface by the ever present bottle nose dolphins. It was so Grand Isle and I thought again of how this place could have been a national park.
Pulling into the harbor we watched as they lifted the boat in its cradle and so the day ended with us tired and wet from the day on the water. Another fond memory of Grand Isle. Clear skies.


Mermaid's Purse said...

What a great expedition! Grand Isle sounds grand. Nature all around you, wow.

Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
Deborah Leon

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