Friday, December 11, 2009

Progresso Dental Work

Well the day had finally arrived and we were returning to Nueve Progresso, Mexico, so I could get my new crown. We had made the first trip while in Mission and now was the visit so I could get the crown installed. I was excited as I have a whole box of salt water taffy and I couldn't eat it and take the chance on my temporary coming loose.
One of the problems with fulltiming is keeping up with our dental work. I had, what I thought was a good dentist in Spearish, South Dakota, but when I told him I was going fulltime and that I wanted to stop once a year for checkups and the usual stuff, he told me he simply couldn't be my dentist. Hmmmmmmm.
So when I lost a filling this summer I planned to wait till Mexico so I could save some money but the tooth started to hurt and I was fortunate to have a dentist in Lander, Wyoming, squeeze me in and perform a root canal and a temporary filling.
The main reason we went to Mission was for my dental work, and to see chachalacas, and so once we arrived I got online and googled dentists, Nueve Progresso. It turns out there are about 800 and so trying to pick one seemed pretty daunting.
I finally was able to read reviews and so I made a list of 4 possibilities, all near the bridge and all with nice looking offices.
Arriving early, there was no one in the waiting room and the receptionist took my information and told me to take a seat. It wasn't very long and the room filled up with snowbirds, most chatting like chachalacas. One told Renita that Dr Muestra was very good, he has eight dentists or so working for him.
My turn came and I was led into a room that had a familiar looking dental chair and the usual looking equipment, although it wasn't as massive. Even though I had an x-ray the Dentist wanted to take another, for 10 bucks, and he then proceeded to get to work. He seemed fascinated and worked and worked. It seemed like he was doing a lot but he wasn't any slower than my old dentist in Gillette, (whom I bit by the way and was the worst dentist I have ever had), and he eventually finished the prep work, molds, and then left. A technician(?) then came in and she made and fitted a temporary crown.
Renita had talked with our friends Mike and Loretta, and she told us her crown was costing her 700 dollars, yikes that a lot of fishing equipment! The final cost, including an x-ray was 180 dollars, you can find dentists that are cheaper, but I was satisfied with the result. The office was clean and bright, the dentist and the assistants spoke enough English and I will return again.
After I left the office I met up with Renita and our friends George and Val, who had ridden down with us. They had decided on eating at a store/restaurant called the Canada Store, and we went upstairs to find a large and fairly elegant room. The prices seemed a little high, 8.25 cents for a meal but the food was good and the service was excellent. All in all it had been a good day and I now could check dentist off my checklist of things to do this winter. Look out fish! Clear skies

ps The day before I lost the biggest speckled trout I have ever had on but that story will have to wait, sufice it to say that its a weird cold front bite that few are crazy enough to go out in.

pps Three out of four of us got sick the next day, water or ice cubes? We all had the same menu item.


greg and jean said...

Mark and Renita

A bunch of us are going out to eat tonite...Joe and Marcia....Us (Greg and Jean) Jay and Fay, John and Laura....

Check out the Escapees bulletin board for details...

Yasmeen said...

The trout was THIS BIG!! >---O---<

Love hearing about your travels, keep 'em coming!