Monday, December 14, 2009

Fishing the Texas Bays on a Baby Cat!

Imagine running at full throttle across water only a foot or so deep. Forty miles per hour and you are on a boat the size of two sheets of plywood and only a foot deep! Patches of sand and grass and oyster beds intermingle and there is no protection from the elements, thank goodness for goretex! The boat weaves in and out of small islands covered with mangroves and you are lucky because you are being guided by a friend who is as knowledgeable as there is and so you can relax and enjoy the ride!
Yesterday morning I was preparing the canoe for our first canoe adventure. It was suppose to stop sprinkling, clear off and warm up, never happened, when our friend Lannie stopped by and asked if I wanted to go out on his Baby Cat. He said he would love to show me some places to fish in our canoe and after checking with Renita I jumped at the chance,(Lannie has fished his whole life in the Texas coastal waters and his wife Judy is the best bird photographer we know)!
We drove to Cove Harbour and unloaded the 16 foot boat. It has no sides, I mean none and runs with a 90 horse power Yamaha on a jack plate,(a device that raises and lowers the motor). This setup, combined with a tunnel hull, allows you to run full speed in as little as three inches of water! This also allows you to run across grass flats and not disturb or damage the protected seagrass.
The Intercoastal, Sailboat Channel, Aransas Channel, the Klondike, the California Hole, Talley Island, the names kept coming and my brain was going into overload trying to remember it all. We stopped and fished and Lannie's equipment was so much better than mine so I used his, but it was to no avail. The fish weren't biting, even though we had a strong current flowing though the passes.
It didn't matter a bit, it was a ride and a day of instruction on the water from a new friend. A dues day but what a dues day! We talked about how our wives drove our boats and fished with us and it reaffirmed how lucky we both were. The discussions were about techniques and tackle and fishing opinions, to which Lannie said, "Opinions are like noses, everyone has one".
The day never cleared, the fish never bit, the fog made my glasses useless, oh and it was cold, especially at forty miles an hour standing on an exposed platform. Thank you Lannie and yeah I want a baby cat of my own, hmmmm maybe if I add it to my Christmas list........
Clear skies

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