Friday, August 21, 2009

Simple Grilled Kokenee Salmon

We have a hard time going to restaurants for a couple of reasons. Both of us are on restricted diets, (although I slip up a lot), and when we do go the food is often poorly prepared or at least not as good as what we can make at home,(Our fiver of course). A classic example is cooking fish.
Now one of the biggest problems with fish is having fresh fish to cook. Luckily we are blessed here with an abundant supply of Kokenee. Wanting some freshly grilled, Renita and I went out and actually had a great bite!
Putting in at Holmes Crossing,(formerly Squaw Creek), it was a short run to the fishing. We both laughed as we passed a large group of boats fishing in a tight cluster. It seems pretty dumb to share a school of fish with others when you can find your own spot. Don't people realize that the fish are also at other places on the lake?
So we went to a place by ourselves and the bite was on! We caught four in an hour, Including a double! It was wild as my fish was jumping and suddenly the second downrigger pole released. Renita dropped the net and grabbed the pole and soon we had two nice Kokenee thrashing and jumping by the boat. Quickly picking up the net I was able to net mine and then Renitas and we both laughed as two salmon were now on ice!
Anyway the title of this blog is grilled salmon so here is a simple recipe we use for salmon, redfish, and pompano,(but I wouldn't hesitate to use it on any fish.

Simple Grilled Kokenee Salmon

Fillet the salmon leaving the skin and scales on and then wash the fish.

Lightly spray both sided of the fillet with cooking spray and place it in the fish holder,(If you don't have a fish holder you can place the fish directly on the grill, skin side down).

Salt and pepper the fish and put some butter on it, we use Smart Balance Omega, but butter works nicely.

Place the fish on the grill, skin side down, and cook till the fish flakes easily in the thickest part of the fillet.(The thicker the fish the longer. On big fish the skin may burn, and thats ok. You don't eat the skin)

If you want fancy grill marks you can turn the fish once, after five minutes, and then turn it back on the skin side to finish, but if you don't have a fish holder be prepared for your fish to come apart).

This recipe works great over a wood fire on campfire grill, but it was too windy so we used our Weber.

Oh my it doesn't get any better! Clear skies.

ps I know you are suppose to drink white wine with fish but red wine is better for your heart, and I am allowed one glass of wine a day so red it is.

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