Monday, August 17, 2009

Signs of Fall

The signs of fall are all around us. Orion dominates the morning sky. The moths have come down from the high country. We have heard reports of salmon being caught that have turned red, the color change that signifies the fall spawning run up the Green River, (the kokenee make their run, spawn, and then die). As if these signs weren't enough a strong cold front blasted through and frosted the truck! Finally, looking west to the Uintas fresh snow marks the peaks and so its about time for us to head to a lower elevation and begin our wanderings again. Hitch itch is setting in.
However, we still have quite a bit to do before we head west, another doctors appointment, more rock collecting, and we still want to canoe the Green River.
We did sell Renita's car, which had been in storage for the past two years at our daughter in laws condo.
The car wouldn't start at first but with Matt and Patty's help we jumped it and aired the flat tires. It was covered with dust and had been written on by teenagers( go figure messages of love and lust), but at least they hadn't keyed it. Washing it, we parked it at a spot where Matt told us others used to sell their cars and the car sold in less then twenty four hours. Suppose we sold it at a price too low?
Its surprising how much we have to do and how we ever got anything done when we were both working. Retirement has been so busy, We still have more prospecting for fossils and minerals. Black turitella beckons, swirl agate along with pyrope and chromium diopside crystals. Thoughts of diamond prospecting and Sweetwater agates and jade all tempt us as we made a mistake and bought another prospecting book, filled with pictures of museum quality specimens.
The Green River Days, festival in the park, are approaching. Hopefully the water will be down and it will be safe enough for us to canoe through the whitewater runs. Theres just not enough time! Clear skies.

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Jim & Nanc said...

FROST?? SNOW?? You need to get on the road. We had lunch with Allan & Sharon yesterday.