Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Deming Luna Mimbres Museum

We walked through the sliding glass doors, and it seemed that the museum just kept going and going. Ahead and to the right we could see the door into the Thunder Egg display room, and when we entered we simply stopped in amazement at the cases, each jam packed with specimens. Sixty years of collecting by the Geokids had resulted in this!
We were drawing close to the end of our stay in Deming. Our friend Marty had left the day before and we were both getting hitch itch, but there were still a couple of things to do, check out a local rock shop and visit the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum. So we first went to the rock shop, and as you probably guessed by now, found some great examples of Eden Valley blue forest wood, Mexican Onyx, and mahogany obsidian. All called to us, along with some cut and polished agate slices and we left poorer and wondering where we were going to put the new rocks in our traveling home.
From there we went to the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum. We had heard about the Geokids Exhibit of Thunder eggs, when we visited their rock shop, but we didn't expect the museum to have several rooms filled with the King Collection of Mimbres pottery. Another surprise was the history that greeted us as the first display we saw was honoring the soldiers of the New Mexico National Guard. They were inducted into the Army in early 1941 and shipped to the Phillipines and from there into history.(Be sure to click on the monument and read the inscription).
Passing through the art displays we headed for the Thunder Eggs. Now Thunder Eggs are actually cavities in rhyolite lava, that fill with minerals, forming stunning crystal displays. There are six cases filled to overflowing with specimens and we both were in awe of their beauty! Without a doubt it has to be the finest display in the world,(Now we haven't been to see the Smithsonian yet). Regardless it is so nice to see a display of this caliber in Deming, New Mexico instead of having the samples shipped off back east,(where they don't belong).
We continued on and it seemed that every collector of anything had donated or loaned their items to the museum, A large whiskey bottle display, a thimble display, a display of an old electric hair curling machine that looked like a device for executing prisoners. Wild stuff to say the least!
Passing through the sliding glass doors we saw some pottery and walked into another complete surprise, the King Collection of Mimbres Indian pottery. Each display case was filled with stunning examples of pottery dug from the surrounding area.
Many of the pieces had been broken and a hole punched in the middle to release the spirit,(These had been buried in graves). It was the best display we have seen so far, however our friend Marty tells us that the University Of New Mexico has a larger and better display in Silver City.
We left the pottery and moved into the doll room, which brought back memories for Renita, and I stood and waited patiently for her to finish. She was surprised to see that her Barbie Doll wasn't present and she pointed out the Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls.
We thanked the people of the museum and bought some stuff along with making a donation. It had been a great day at the museum and the folks in Deming should be proud of their unique displays. It is definitely a place worth visiting. Clear skies.

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