Monday, July 6, 2009

The Fourth of July at Keyhole State Park

The fourth of July finally arrived and we had a full day of activities planned. Renita actually asked me to wake her up early so we could go canoeing. Later, Bob and Nancy, a couple of old and dear friends were coming out for a barbecue and an evening of watching the fireworks display over the lake.
So without feeling any guilt I roused Renita up at 6 am. She didn't say much but actually staggered up and got dressed. I was impressed with her resolve! While she ate I put the stabilizers on the canoe and we were soon gliding down the bay towards the main lake.
Now I have fished this lake hundreds of times before, we use to have a place here, so I though I would try and troll for a northern pike while we were rowing. Renita was designated as the official photographer for the expedition!
The fishing turned out to be great, the catching was the problem. Nothing unusual about that as I have been skunked many times. It is a usual feast or famine here. Renita had much better luck with the camera!
After our pleasant paddle our friends arrived with huge steaks. I had already cut and chopped firewood,(Renita let me buy a new axe), and we soon had a glowing bed of coals. Putting the steaks directly on the grill in the firepit worked great and the steaks cooked to perfection.
After dinner, we waited and talked and waited and waited for it to get dark. Our viewing spot was only about 100 feet away, on a ridge overlooking the main part of the lake. There the Moorcroft fire department had set up the fireworks on a point on Coulter Bay.
I had never experienced time moving so slow,(maybe a couple of times in teacher workshops), but it finally got dark and the fireworks rocketed into the sky.
While we couldn't see the launch we could follow the streams of fire as they reached their zenith and exploded into waterfalls of reds and blues and greens.
I had never really thought about the similarity to a waterfall until Renita pointed it out. It must of been our recent journey to Niagara Falls, but regardless it was a great description!
Too soon the fireworks ended and we carried our chairs back to our spot. It had been a great day filled with all the requirements/ingredients of a traditional fourth of July celebration, friends, fishing, food, and fireworks! Clear skies

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Art In The Sun said...

We sat out on the Florence Marina and waited and froze and waited and got soaked with fog drizzle and waited and waited until we were numb and finally the fireworks went up into the fog, burst up there somewhere, and sparks fell out of the cold miserable fog back into the river. This is not how I remember it from my youth. And definitely there were some workshops that were as long, but probably not as cold. Sharon and Allan