Saturday, February 21, 2009

Aransas Pass, The North Jetty

Charles dropped by after happy hour and asked if would like to join him in a fishing trip to the North Jetty. He had talked before of his trips with his friends and so I jumped at the invite, promising to be ready by 5:20 am the next morning.
Excited, I couldn't sleep and so I got up at two am and patiently waited for the clock to slowly tick by. Charles arrived and we drove and picked up his friend Dennis, before continuing on to the ferry.
We arrived at the jetty boat parking lot with minutes to spare and I got to meet the rest of the group. Bob, a retired teacher had organized the days outing and got us the tickets for the Jetty boat.
We lined up our carts, and loaded onto the boat, after which a short ride took us to the North Jetty Pier. Unloading onto a dock and then a cement walkway, we pulled our carts out to the jetty itself. It was a short walk to a crudely made shack,(the shark shack perhaps?), where everyone started fishing. Soon I had an undersized sheephead and then another. Charles and Dennis both caught sheephead, also undersized
I decided that I needed to walk further out onto the jetty. Perhaps the fish would be bigger or maybe I could find a place to fish for redfish. Anyway I continued out the cement walkway,(heavily cracked, it runs the entire length of the jetty with only a couple of cement breaks),until I left all the other fisherman and had the place to myself.
Casting out my slip bobber rig, I looked around before returning my gaze to my bobber, no bobber! Winding up the slack I set the hook and was rewarded with a strong fight by a keeper sheephead! Another cast and another keeper, this one bigger.
Fish would hit as fast as I threw in. Trying to call Charles on his cell phone, my phone beeped once and then powered down. Deciding not to leave a hot bite I continued to catch fish for a bit, but finally put my pole down and walked back to where Dennis and Charles were still catching undersized fish. Telling them about my fishing, they both loaded their carts and wheeled them after me.
When Charles arrived I showed him the place to cast and explained the drift. Soon he had an undersized fish and then a keeper. Dennis cast his pole out and caught several small fish before one was in his bucket. The bite slowed as the wind shifted. The waves got larger and started to break around our feet. It was time to retreat to a drier and safer part of the jetty.
Returning we saw that most had also retreated to an area by the large sand dune, deposited by Hurricane Gustov. We talked it over, before deciding to take the jetty boat back and call it a day. We got in line for the boat and loaded up for the short ride to the dock and Charles truck. It had been my best sheephead fishing experience, I had caught nineteen fish in less than four hours, and kept a limit of five. Fresh fish tonight! Clear skies.

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