Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years Eve

It had been years since we had gone to a New Years Eve party, and about as long as to staying up till midnight, so the parks party was a challenge. Surprisingly we made it!
The party started at eight pm and our new friends Sharon and Alan invited us to sit with them. They saved us a place and so we had great seats for the party. At the table were Jim and Nancy,(pictured top,also full timers who are bloging Running Down Our Dream), Mike and Shirley,(pictured right, Shirley had painted a large beautiful picture for the party, and Ron and Kayla,(they own and operate a rv park west of Cody Wyoming).
The dancing began, and the music was a mixture of all genres so we listened and talked until Proud Mary started to play. Knowing it was Renitas favorite we got up and joined a crowd on the dance floor,( Hmmmm, we have danced more since retirement that we did for a long time).
Games were passed out and played. First, was the left right game in which a wine bottle was passed out and handed left and right as a story was read. At the end whoever had the bottle kept the wine and Kayla and Ron promptly opened it and offered to the table. The next game was a liars game in which people read a story of three events in their lives, and then we had to guess which was a lie. We got the first one right and then missed all the rest, we are pretty gullible.. The last game was a game in which the men and women played separate. A list of objects was read and for each object you got points, the winner being the one with the highest total. If only I had worn suspenders and had money instead of fishing tackle in my pocket and Renitas outfit had more buttons!
Midnight arrived and we were still awake. The survivors gathered in a circle and sang Auld Lang Syne, as we greeted the new year with hugs and kisses. A new year of adventure! Clear skies.

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